Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its been ages

since I have a few minutes. I bought my own business almost two years ago. I have taken it as far as I can with my financial resources and now have it up for sale. I do have a potential buyer and his offer is 25,000 less than my list price. He has asked for to 30 day extensions and now wants me to come down another 20,000 in price. I have way to much debt to do this. How can I stand firm and complete this sale and no lose my buyer in this economy. I know the buyer is very interested as my location is very unique from others of this kind. He has discussed this plans with me and sounds like he really wants this. I just want to be done I want my life back. How can I do this???


Carla Holbrook Farmer said...

What's having your life back worth to you? It's a buyer's market. I want to say....stand your ground, but on the other hand...don't lose the opportunity. Good Luck!!

erwin said...

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Videogame Guru said...

I think you are very lucky! I hope everything works out for you.