Sunday, December 20, 2009

So Much Sadness

This is suppose to be a happy time of year! Family and friends getting together, gift giving, dinners and just plain old family fun and caring. Unfortunately this year is a sad time for many, way to many. I think back to this time last year and things were good, not perfect, but real good. We were able to pay our bills do some shopping and have a nice family get together.

This year we are behind on our mortgage, shopping for Christmas is not in the mix. The business we bought in May has drained us. Like so many others we are in financial need. I have not felt this way in so many years, and I can say I don't like it, and I am open to suggestions on how to fix it. Selling the business is not an option, losing our home is not an option.

This business venture has ruined my credit so I doubt I could even get an equity loan on my house. My credit cards are maxed out and cash funds depleted. My sales have improved a little each month but its just not fast enough or high enough to cover the expenses. I have been trying to add things to draw in a new customer base but its very hard. You know the old saying it takes money to make money.

I have mentioned my breakfast special before, The $2 HOLLAR, people like it its a great bargain for my customers a real recession buster. Sales have improved from a $30.00 average to a $70.00 a day average sounds real good but the profit is only about .50 an order if careful portion control is used. I go in every morning at 4:30 A.M. and start cooking. We also have very good lunch specials and always trying out new things. Tomorrow its chicken and sausage gumbo served with rice and bread and Pasta shells surprise (hamburger helper), veggie and bread.

I have even added fresh produce, the deal of the day 5 tangerines for $1.00, the grocery store is .50 each. Its doing OK all has been impulse sales and my produce guy has been a real help, he is selling to me at his cost to get me started. The only wrench in this one, I have to wait for the state to issue me a permit to use a scale and then wait for them to certify the scale to be able to sell by the pound, in the mean time every thing is by the each or basket. (I can't wait for strawberry season)

One of my homeless customers brought me a register report from the RaceTrac across the street, he got this from their dumpster while digging for cardboard to make a sign to fly. I was in total awe when I read this reading, not really sure if jealous or angry. The reading was from last Thursday they sold over 13,000.00 in merchandise and 41,000.00 in gasoline if this is their average they do in 4 days what it takes me an entire month to do in merchandise sales and 1 day for a month in gasoline.
This just proves what I was saying in a earlier post, The big corporate company has plenty of money to weather this recession and the small business man trying to live the American Dream is living an American nightmare.

I'm on a soap box again, sorry. I was just trying to say there are a lot of sad and hurting people out there and I think everyone should pray for them and us and your own family and friends. Pray that no one else looses their jobs, homes, family and friends. That folks stay warm and fed. That brighter and prosperous days are close by.


Mark said...

Please hang in there Robin. Yes, prayers are needed and you can count on mine.

Merry Christmas and God bless,


Robin said...

Thanks Mark