Thursday, October 1, 2009

What to DO?

For seven years I have felt its them and then there is us. Let me explain My boyfriend and I moved in together about seven years ago. We each have children he had two and I had one that still lived at home. At first things were OK with the exception my son and I weren't included in things. They always would go places and do things and leave us out. We then had a child together and now she is 5 years old and I still feel as though its them and us (me and my son). Last night my son came home late, and you know who took the key so he could not get inside. My son is 15 years old and is in no way a perfect angel, he is not even a good sneak. In fact most of the time he gets caught because he is to dumb to hide the evidence.

Anyhow, he should not have been denied access to the main house, this meant no food or drink, no bathroom, he only had access to the foo ton in the garage room. Now His children basically have an apartment down stairs each has their own bathroom and a full kitchen separate from the main house. They can come and go and do as they please with basically no punishment (being told I'm disappointed is not a punishment in my eyes), The girl gets her belly button pierced (after being told no) and sneaks and gets two tattoos (keep in mind she is only 16). He has taken her to get birth control (thank god for small favors). The boy is 18 and stays out until 4am comes home stoned and drunk but this is OK.

My son comes home late he used to get ground for a freaking month but now he gets locked out. I believe that my son probably breaths wrong in his eyes. And I can almost guarantee if things don't change I will lose my son or We will have to move.

The only thing I have been asking for for seven years is..... The rules are the same for each child, and the punishment should be the same for each child.

We got into a blowout today about the key thing. He states his kids don't come upstairs late at night. I say why should they they have bathrooms and a full kitchen, cable TV and cell phones what the f*** do they need the upstairs for. On the other hand my son , no bathroom, no cable TV, no cell phone, no kitchen I think and say he can be upstairs all he wants!!!


Susanne49 said...

It's a hard fight you are fighting here! I'm so sorry for you and your son... In my position I would pack my stuff, take my son and leave...and don't believe to all the excuses and promises that everything will be better, everything will change. Better now than to late!

I would react that way!You have no chances having 3 people against you!

Carol Wingert said...

I agree with Susanne49.
My son would come first. Obviously the man (I use the term loosely) has put his children before you.

Best thing for you and your son, get out now.

Robin said...

Thanks for the feed back, just so you know, there has never been physical violence its always just words but very hurtful words, and of course his stupid stunts like locking the door. Keep in mind I also have a little girl to think about who is only 5 and she is ours together.