Friday, October 30, 2009

Backyard Chickens

Tomorrow starts the construction of the hen house/nesting box, the coop part is already standing (last springs garden). I really liked the idea of reusing old shipping pallets, the designs I've seen online are very nice. The hen house can be rustic or fancy like a doll house using the pallets. The best part the wood is free and readily available, also by recycling this wood you can help the environment.

The chicks will love what ever John comes up with I'm sure. A few photos included of Lucy, Grace, Dora, and Leelo.

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Sandy22 said...

Love the baby chicks. Brings back memories. When I was a kid we had 8 acres and Dad had these incubators and hatch eggs and we had baby chicks. Loved it on that property but we moved away too soon. But, thank you for the great pics as it brought back great memories.