Monday, July 20, 2009

WE THE PEOPLE..........................

We the people are tired of struggling.

We the people are ready for real change not just talk.

We the people are tired of being told how to live, what we can park in our lawn and what we can do to our homes.

We the people are tired of paying taxes for crappy representation.

We the people are tired of bailing out the big corporations.

We the people are sick and tired of loosing our jobs to out sourcing..

We the people are tired of high power bills, water bills, cable and Internet, grocery prices and more.

We the people are ready to join together and put pen to paper, write your congressman or representative, write your local news media, tell your story. Let the rich and powerful feel our pain, we the people need to open their eyes. What they are doing just isn't working!!

We the people may just need to have another Boston Tea Party......

Lets all be thankful we don't get all the government we pay for.............imagine how bad it would be then..

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Homeless and Panhandlers

The talk of the day here is Saint Petersburg, is an article in the Times, titled "The truth is Flexible" Very interesting reading. I actually know a few of these people that were interviewed, they work the corner by my store. Most are very nice and polite, some are really smelly and will gag you when they enter the doors. One of the females that was interviewed was bragging to me about this great article the times was writing and she said she put a plug in for my store, because me and my crew are so kind and compassionate (we give then free glasses of water and allow them to use our restrooms).

Well here's the link you read it and decide for your self.

My opinion for the next few days at least, they wont be making very much money....