Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer-Swimsuit Cover Up

A bathing suit cover up can protect your skin, camouflage areas you'd rather not have on show or create a put together, stylish look to wear to the beach or poolside. There are numerous options when it comes to what to wear over your swimsuit. Some great ideas are listed below.
1. Denim shorts-your humble denim shorts make a great cover up for your swimsuit. They are generally made from cotton so they are breathable and dry quickly. The thicker fabrication makes them particularly good at hiding wet patches if you want to throw them back on over your swimsuit straight after getting out of the water. They are also fairly heavy duty, which can be beneficial if sitting on concrete or rocks.
2. Caftans and cover up tunics-most swimsuit retailers also sell a wide range of semi sheer caftans or tunic tops which cover both your upper body and the top of your lower body. You can buy them in virtually any color, but white is a very classic and versatile option. There are varieties with embroidery or beading if you want something a little bit special that can take you from beach to bar.
3. Button front dresses-dresses that button up the front make for a flexible swimsuit cover up because you can do up as many or as few buttons as desired. Look for cotton, linen or terry toweling fabrics.
4. Smocked sun dresses-these stretchy little dresses just pull on over the head and the smocked effect means they don't look all scrunched up when you pull them back out of your beach bag to put on.
5. Zip front short jumpsuits you can choose to show your bikini top or keep it covered. These are often sold in terry toweling fabric making them perfect to put back on over wet swimmers.
6. Sarongs-sarongs fold down to almost nothing to carry around and the large variety can be tied in multiple ways including ways that cover both your upper and lower body. These are also easy to whip up on a home sewing machine. All you have to do is cut a rectangle the desired size and hem all four edges. This means you can make one to match virtually any swimsuit.
7. Board shorts-these can be worn into the water with you and are quick to dry when you emerge.
8. Front opening tops-whether the top has buttons or zips this allows for flexible wearing. Over sized cotton or linen shirts are ideal.
9. Cabana pants-these pants are usually made from cotton or linen and they feature a drawstring waist for easy wearing. They are slightly transparent allowing a peek at your swimsuit. They look very classic in white.
10. Swimsuit matching cover up skirts-many swimsuit manufacturers now make a matching cover up skirt to wear over your swimsuit. Victoria's Secret often sells swimsuits that have optional cover up skirts.
All you need now is a pair of matching flip flops, a great beach bag and a trendy pair of sunglasses (assuming your already have the swimmers) to look like a goddess at the beach.

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