Sunday, May 24, 2009


Close your eyes and think of chocolate and you can almost taste the brown bliss melting in your mouth. But did you know, that apart from being a heavenly delight for the taste buds chocolate is sublime for your skin as well? It's not hard to imagine when after a hard week's work your feet are killing you and they are looking ugly! The solution is at hand. All you have to do is pamper your pretty footsies with a chocolate pedicure and let the red carpet be rolled out for your highness please.
The royal treatment begins with a therapeutic chocolate foot bath where your feet are soaked in warm scented water while you sink back into a soft cozy couch. Tea tree oil is added, so you can smell its refreshing aroma and relax in the knowledge that tea tree oil-one of nature's best anti-septic and anti-infective, is cleansing your feet of all the microscopic creepy-crawlies. Your beautician buffs and clips your nails and shapes them. The very essential and often missed nail cuticle cream is applied and in go your feet into the warm therapeutic bath for the cuticles to soften. This is to allow for the next stage to be worked on: the cuticles being pushed, shaped. This finishes off the classic pedicure routine. More is yet to come in the chocolate fondue pedicure. A chocolate scrub is applied on the feet which is then massaged with soft steady and masterful strokes to remove the dead skin cells. A scrubber is brought on to scrape off the particularly hard spots where you shoes have wreaked havoc on your patient feet. The final flourish is the chocolate mud mask that is applied on your feet and legs. This mask is a superb glow enhancer and ridding the skin of dullness, it adds shine and luster. The pedicure is wrapped up with a massage using a cream containing cocoa butter! Check out nearest salons if they have it on their beauty list.
Unlike before when chocolate used to be berated as junk food, dark chocolate is now considered a health food as it contains powerful antioxidant properties. Cosmetics manufacturers are now jumping onto the bandwagon to cash in on this. Increasingly, they are adding chocolate as an ingredient in their skin care products. Chocolate skin treatments have become the latest craze causing beauty salons to introduce a variety of such treatments. If you are wondering how well these chocolate masks and wraps work, you should know that chocolate considerably softens the skin thanks to the cocoa butter it contains. Secondly, the antioxidant properties in cocoa prevent free radicals from damaging the skin's elastin, collagen and other protein. So that means a goodbye to wrinkles! It's not just the feet or the skin, indulging in a chocolate treatment leaves you toned, glowing and feeling happier. There's no scientific proof for the happiness. Let's assume it's one of those good things that yummy chocolate does to us. Sigh!

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