Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hunting For a Sharks Tooth

Yesterday, we ventured down south to Venice, Florida. Now of course its only an hour and a half drive from here in Saint Petersburg, but I have never been there. We had two vans full of people and decided on Caspersen Beach to look for shark's teeth.
If you look at the pictures you can see everyone there was in the same position, bent over and looking down. Everyone is in search of the same thing, the treasure, and excitement of finding a sharks tooth. We did get lucky and found quite a few, mostly small ones, if they were human teeth you might call them baby teeth. There were some very nice people there, one man came walking by and handed my son a hand full of teeth. Most of the people there had a special digging tool with a basket like sifter thingy on the bottom. Us on the other hand we had two kids sand toys to use for sifting, when we asked we were told you buy the others at the local hardware store. So just a suggestion, stop and get one you will have more luck with your search for the shark's tooth.
All in all we had a blast, ate some lunch, looked for the teeth, got a bad sun burn and I can hardly walk today. If you ask would I do it again. I would answer yes, but with the aid of 200 block sunscreen if there is such a thing.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shots. It does look like it was a fun day.