Saturday, March 14, 2009

Perfect Florida Weather mixed With some Backyard Fun

Wow! We've been so busy the last couple of weeks I've hardly had time to do anything. Aunt Lori and her family were down for 11 days from New Hampshire. So we spent a lot of time with them, work has been extremely busy, and trying to keep up with the homeschool thing I've barely had time to breathe. So today, I decided it's time for a little backyard fun, with the weather being so perfect here in Florida at least my part anyways. Jenna and I adjourned to the backyard, while she was playing in the sand, water and on the slide I was busy taking pictures for my eBay auctions. The sun was really bright and I could barely see the screen on my laptop but we had a great time.

My oldest daughter Alex and her baby came home and joined us in the backyard and then the fun really started. As you can see by the pictures it looks like we have a couple of trailer babies on her hands. Soaking wet and covered in mud they were having a blast.

I also decided to show you a garden update. The pole bean plants are getting pretty little purple flowers, everything else looks lush and green and coming along just fine. We're in the process of fencing it in with chicken wire due to those cute little furry tailed garden rats that most people call squirrels, everything I've tried has not worked, I can't keep them out. The rain barrel finally arrived and we got the gutters installed, all we need is some rain.

The eBay pictures I took, most of them turned out good. So far I've managed to get six auctions listed, I still have some more to go. It's been several months since I've been able to list anything because I have been so busy, that I'm on the verge of losing my power seller status. So if you like vintage jewelry you can hop on over to eBay and check out my store and maybe do a little shopping. Here's the link if you're interested

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hunting For a Sharks Tooth

Yesterday, we ventured down south to Venice, Florida. Now of course its only an hour and a half drive from here in Saint Petersburg, but I have never been there. We had two vans full of people and decided on Caspersen Beach to look for shark's teeth.
If you look at the pictures you can see everyone there was in the same position, bent over and looking down. Everyone is in search of the same thing, the treasure, and excitement of finding a sharks tooth. We did get lucky and found quite a few, mostly small ones, if they were human teeth you might call them baby teeth. There were some very nice people there, one man came walking by and handed my son a hand full of teeth. Most of the people there had a special digging tool with a basket like sifter thingy on the bottom. Us on the other hand we had two kids sand toys to use for sifting, when we asked we were told you buy the others at the local hardware store. So just a suggestion, stop and get one you will have more luck with your search for the shark's tooth.
All in all we had a blast, ate some lunch, looked for the teeth, got a bad sun burn and I can hardly walk today. If you ask would I do it again. I would answer yes, but with the aid of 200 block sunscreen if there is such a thing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scientists discover the cause of Gray Hair!!

This is GREAT NEWS!!!!

Going gray? Scientists uncover the root cause
Finding may lead to better products to prevent, reverse the process
By Irene Klotz
Discovery Channel
updated 3:36 p.m. ET, Mon., March. 2, 2009

Attention parents: It's not your kids that are making you go gray. Your hair is simply building up too much hydrogen peroxide.

Bottle-blondes may be a fan, but hydrogen peroxide, which is produced naturally in the human body, interferes with melanin, the pigment that colors our hair and skin.

The body also produces the enzyme catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Or at least it does for a while. As we age, catalase production tails off, leaving nothing to transform the hydrogen peroxide into chemicals the body can release.

So, as hydrogen peroxide builds up, we go gray, concluded researchers at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, who last week published the results of a study in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology's online journal.

Reversing the process
"This new insight could open new strategies for intervention and reversal of the hair graying process," wrote the study's lead author John Wood, who died last month.

The studies were based on analysis of cell cultures of human hair follicles.

In addition to lacking catalase, the follicles of gray-haired people also had far fewer hair-repair enzymes, which in turn drove down production of melanin, the scientists found.

Genetics play a role as well, causing some people, such as Caucasians, to gray earlier than others, like Asians.

Scientists suspect the same mechanism also may be responsible for a condition known as vitiligo, where white spots appear in the skin.

"It gives you insight into how we age in general," Gerald Weissmann, professor of medicine at New York University, told Discovery News. "They got the molecular basis of aging down pat."

Skin cells produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide as part of the body's oxygen cycle. The chemical serves to kill bacteria.

Scientists are hopeful there may be a way to remix the chemical soup to keep color in our hair, which no doubt is of interest to a hair-care industry that will be worth about $42.5 billion worldwide by 2010, according to a market report published last year by Global Industry Analysts.

Weissmann predicts it won't be long before products to remove hydrogen peroxide from the hair — and the body in general — are created.

"The rule goes when basic science is discovered it is quickly followed by a product," he said.