Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Electric Bill

OK this is a rant and I have been whining for a few days now. Our most current power bill is $407.87 for 30 days. Progress Energy has taken a 25% rate hike. For what? I hear a new nuclear power plant that won't be built for years to come. Every quarter Progress energy reports earnings in the billions, do you really think this was needed. Everything keeps going up in price(except my pay check) even though the price of oil is way down. I just don't get it. We where even trying an experiment unplugging things when not in use and all. We only had 3 days of using the heat on this billing cycle, So is it going to cost me $2000.00 a month to run the A/C in the summer? This is Florida the A/C is a must have or you will drop from the humidity!!!

Anyone know how to tell the kids if they want to eat this month they need to catch some fish?


Anonymous said...

I lived in Florida in the 70s and I remember the shock I felt when I got my first power bill. I live in CA now and ours is high but it looks like you have me beat.

Where in the world are we going? How's the garden doing?

Robin said...

Everything is still green!! Looking Good, I figure in another week I'll do more pics to show the progress!!