Monday, January 12, 2009

OH No! Not Another Photo Album

OK, you go and visit your friends, friends you haven't seen in a long long time. You chat, hug, talk about everything under the sun. Now the photo albums come out. You try to be polite, act interested, even ask questions about all the strange people and things in the pictures. But its real hard, don't deny it, you know it is!

OK, so you are a crafty sly person, and you brought photo albums of your own to share. Are your friends thinking the same as you thought, dread of the pictures. Nope! Not at all! Why? you ask. Because your a talented scrapbooker. You jazz up your pages and make them interesting to look at. You even have added a blurb or foot note so when being viewed, the viewer knows whats going on, or has happened. You have cropped your pictures so the unwanted junk in the background is removed. You have designed the page to fit the person or event, to make for wonderful memories. You are GOOD!!!!!!

Now I dabble a little, as time is a factor. My pages are basic and simple, but I think interesting. Until I found this ebook of 500 scrapbooking sketches. Click Here!
. Shows the layout design for all types of pages or events. This is definitely for the time lacking, non artistic type or for someone how just needs a kick start on ideas.

I love dabbling in scrapbooking, everyone wants to get involved, even the guys. We have a blast and it allows for quality family time. Shown above is my sons first pony ride page, this was when he was nice and a sweet kid, not a rotten teenager!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Amazing what happens to kids when they become teens. :)

Most of my pictures are in little boxes because the "someday" that I'm going to put them in books hasn't shown up yet.

Robin said...

I keep telling myself its almost over, then I had another, again I said its almost over and guess what I had another. I finally told the DR. the 10 year plan has got to stop. Yes I have a 24 year old, a 14 year old, and a 4 year old. But I swear I'm finished.

Susanne49 said...

Don't worry about your "rotten teenager", they turn out most time to the best and finest adults, believe me and believe an experienced mother of a "rotten teenager" :)

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