Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeing Your World in Black and White

Seeing the world in black and White on a full time basis would be extremely boring. Seeing your world in black and white photographs is another story all together. I love black and white photos, they have such a nostalgic look and feel about them.

Most of us take the beauty of nature for granted......

Now a person that is color blind does not see in black and white, there are certain colors they can not see. the most common condition is not being able to see reds and greens. Another deficiency is blue/yellow but is rare and there is no test available for this. Total colored blindness is extremely rare and only allows you to see in shades of grays.

I have a challenge for you. Go outside photograph around your house either in B&W or use your picture program to convert to B&W. Do you see the nostalgia of a black and white photo, or do you see a dull lifeless world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..


ad:hoc said...

I love black and white photos as well. Also, they can make ordinary photos stunning and more interesting!

Anonymous said...

I do love b&w photos, but I sure wouldn't want to see that way all the time.

Nice shots.

Sandy22 said...

I am in there loving black and white as much as color. Alot depends on the subject.....but some things just look better in b/w. Love you Web page and enjoy your pics.

Merry Christmas
Ventura, CA

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